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Friday, 04 September 2015
My Shining Hour
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My Shining Hour
2002 Concord Jazz 4841

Howard Alden (g)


My Shining Hour
      All Too Soon
      Sweet Substitute
      Unfaithful Woman
E Is For Emment
      Blood Count
      I Wrote It For Jo
      Girl From Ipanema
      Isn't It A Pity?
      Gone With The Wind
      Soul Eyes
      Chega de Saudade
Crazy She Calls Me
" Howard Alden belongs to a small, elite group of the very best jazz guitarists in the world."
Johnny Smith

" If there is such a thing as a complete jazz guitarist, then Alden is it. Only a real virtuoso can sustain a whole CD of solo guitar with the aplomb he displays here."

"My Shining Hour unquestionably merits a place alongside such solo guitar classics as Van Eps' Soliloquy, Smith's Man With The Blue Guitar and Pass's Virtuoso on any jazz fan's shelf."

" Howard Alden's new solo release, "My Shining Hour" brings still more weight to the often repeated statement that he is likely the finest jazz guitarist of his generation. No one in recent memory has demonstrated such remarkable diversity, sophisticated phrasing, and subtle finesse on the guitar."

" Enthusiasts of fine guitar playing no doubt will enjoy My Shining Hour for its celebration of the instrument's sound, resonant and singing, in the hands of one of most highly respected practitioners on the scene today."
Don Williamson, JAZZ REVIEW.COM

" There is a small, select group of contemporary jazz musicians who when they release a new album, the question is not whether it's going to be good but rather, "how good". Guitarist Howard Alden falls four square into this community of consummate jazz artists and his position in the group is further solidified by his latest from Concord Jazz, My Shining Hour. Playing the both the electric and acoustic 7 string archtop guitar, Alden gets a fullness, a richness of sound and timbre, without being smeary, that is rarely matched among his fellow axe players. He can do his own counterpoint and call and response as evident on one of his originals written by his friend and sometimes playing partner George Van Eps. The harmonic inventions permitted by the instrument in the hands of a master such as Alden are incalculable."

" Tunes like "E Is for Emmett" (one of the unheard numbers from Sweet and Lowdown) and "I Wrote It for Jo" (written by Van Eps in the '40s) reflect Alden's afinity for music of a bygone era and display his remarkable technique. A bit more modern are performances of "My Shining Hour" and "Chega de Saudade," which give him a chance to display his ability to spontaneously meld seamless chord sequences with long, virtuosic single-note lines."
Jim Ferguson, JAZZTIMES

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